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Racing is operated on a member volunteer duty basis: members take turns to operate the race as the OOD operating the flags from the club roof for high tide events, with additional members operating the patrol boats as necessary; driver and crew typically.

Usual races are from the club line on HW or occasionally committee boat started events such as...

Regular Club Races are run under the Portsmouth yardstick scheme with two fleets - Fast and Medium to provide for courses to suit the differing speeds and types of boats.

The Racing section links contain information and instructions on how to run the Club Racing and operate the Patrol Boats.


Race Officer Race starting instructions - HW and LW starts

Race Officer start instructions for Sprint Series - Committee Boat starts

Club Sailing Instructions for the current season


Starting Procedures

For normal high water races starting from the Locks clubhouse the HW Start Procedure is used

High Water Race Start Procedure

For low water races - both in Langstone Harbour and races outside the harbour - the LW Start Procedure from the ECA clubhouse start-line is used.

Low water Race Start Procedure (ECA)


Out of Harbour Marks

Now in PDF format:

Low Water Race Mark June 2009