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Juniors at Locks

Junior Evenings at Locks Sailing Club run from April for 2024

The Junior sailing survey for 2024 will be going out soon along with information regarding the Junior sub-committee and how to get involved. The survey will gather information for all members to be able to show interest for their up coming sailors, to gather numbers and get an idea of skill levels etc.

The sessions offer children from the ages up to 18 an opportunity to improve their sailing skills, rig and handle boats, learn how to race and, most importantly, to have fun. For complete beginners and those looking to build confidence in the water the sessions provide the opportunity mess about in the water and on the club junior boats including paddleboards with beach monitoring, patrol boats and other children around, parents are welcome to use these sessions to teach their children to sail. 

Note these sessions are fully parent assisted, parents are expected to be on hand and involved, this is not a sailing creche. Ensure your littler ones are suitably dressed to the conditions, early season sessions particularly can be chilly requiring more than a shortie. Good foot protection is required regardless.

The sessions are over seen by a to-be formed sub-committee of members, and operated by members volunteering for junior duties with additional support from parents on the day. There will be a dedicated Junior event calendar posted soon including a total of 6 duty slots per event to cover the core requirement to enable 2 patrol boats (potentially the famous Dot Patrol), safety and refreshments to be covered. The bar is likely to be open also, but check for updates.

In order to facilitate effective communication between parents there is a Locks SC Juniors WhatsApp group. Details on how to join soon.


Junior Evening Schedule

This is example schedule PENDING UPDATE for 2024

1730 - 1745  Rig

1745 - 1755  Change

1755 - 1805 Briefing

1805 - 1850  On water activities

1850 - 1930  Racing

1930 - 1950  De-rig and change

1950 - 2030  Pizza and debrief.


2024 Junior Evening Dates