Please note from 22nd January for one week, Longshore Way will be accessible
by residents only, betweem 8am amd 4pm








The Latest Rule Book (October 2017) can be found here.


Locks members are now affiliated members of Tudor SC,
and can access their social calendar by clicking the link below



Club Development Plan. This plan, shown at the January QGM, is available online by clicking here

Whats on..

Saturday 17th February
Saturday 3rd March
Saturday 3rd March
12:00 Spring HW 12:28 Blanchard Cup ..
Sunday 4th March
12:30 Spring HW 13:08 Blanchard Cup ..
Saturday 17th March
11:00 Spring HW 11:39 Blanchard Cup ..
Sunday 18th March
11:30 Spring HW 12:11 Blanchard Cup ..
Saturday 24th March
16:00 Spring HW 16.47 Blanchard Cup ..
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